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You never know when or how a life changing new record will fall into your lap. Often times the underground music network we hold so dear sends all kinds of delicious cassettes and vinyl flying up and down the East Coast, and this is the case with our latest snag and subesquent spiritual discovery of Mr. ZACK KOUNS. This nomadic noise nut has been held up in West Virginia for some time now, and made a recent appearance at legendary North Carolina fest SAVAGE WEEKEND. Anyway our friends in HUNNIE BUNNIES brought back KOUNS most recent LP Concealed History Of Coming Races and it immediately flipped our lid. Channeling 60’s psych folk but putting a dark modern day haze on it this record goes where few care to wander anymore, a place we truly cherish. Zack is known for always doing something completely different so it’s really special to hear him fall into such a raw and rootsy but absolutely far out and mind bending groove. There is a healthy amount of fiddle, slide guit box and other familiar folk sounds blended perfectly with noise drones, sparse percussion and tastefully effected vocals. We wouldn’t be surprised if some of these tunes were inspired by Kouns’ trips up to the holy North East, he’s got tha vibe. Buy the LP HERE

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