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All you really need to know is that this band features a member of DAZZLING KILLMEN. Nick Sakes the singer of that band is once again “singing” and playing guitar here in XADDAX, a Brooklyn duo that also features drummer Chrissy Rossettie. They have new record called COUNTERCLOCKWORK out on the historically wonderful, ever ear shredding Midwestern label SKIN GRAFT RECORDS. And what does XADDAX sound like? I thought you might ask, so I found out! Riffs fly around at maximum speed, drums plod along, electronics pulse in the background, vocals are shouted. A rhythmic frenzy is worked up and at that point things tend to fall apart, perhaps eventually reconfiguring itself, perhaps not. Either result is satisfying, as the real pleasure here is to hear these sounds so popular in the late 90s/early 00s(rhythmically smart noise rock, and the whole neo-no wave thing) being worked a new, and with fresh spirit and sonic approach. Of the tracks I could get my hands on “Lives On Nerves” really bent me out of shape. The circular guitar riff is just about as nasty as they come, making me make angry faces every time I listen to it. The drums thump along following a similar circular trajectory. Meanwhile the vocals carry on fiendishly as the electronic squeal in the background seems constantly on the verge of exploding. This stuff will really work you up. Hey and they are just down in NYC. We’ll be trying to drag them north a couple hundred miles soon enough I assure you.


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