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When one thinks about underground music, the Russian Federation may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but as it turns out, that vast, mysterious expanse of dark forests and green steppes is home to some of the most intriguing new artists, especially within the realm of experimental electronic music. From the quiet stream of otherworldly acts that trickles into our homes, xram yedinennogo razmuwlenuja (or x.y.r. for short) stands out with a mesermizing collection of vaguely tropical atmospheric grooves. Robinson Crusoe (lost soundtrack), the stunning debut from this mysterious Cherepovets-based, 2muchachos-related musician, is a veritable cornucopia of elegant tropical atmospheres that whift gently into your ears and swirl through your cranium, activating synapses imbued with sweet synth melodies echoing round your skull. This seratonin-induced serenity vibrates in tune to exotic field recordings of prehistoric landscapes, forgotten yet eternally known. This album is an experience, a fantastic adventure that recalls the eponomyous novel’s rugged search for survival and meaning, the chatter of colorful birds, waves lapping along a shimmering shore of acceptance, all cast in delicate, pristine yet profound electronic tones. Download this album from their bandcamp, and fare thee well. Oh, and don’t forget to bring ‘supplies.’

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