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Iowa-based Wet Hair are without a doubt one of the most hard-working and original bands in the US ‘underground’ scene of the past several years; Their core members, Shawn Reed (who runs the ever-awesome Night People) and Ryan Garbes, formed the group in late 2007 out of the remnants of now-defunct seminal psychedelic noise-drone-folk group Racoo-oo-oon. With little more than a drum kit, synth organ and experimental attitude, the group has produced several excellent albums full of extended psychedelic kraut drone jams, where Reed’s moan-spoken vocals effortlessly cascade over energetic, forward-leaning drums and sparkling synth riffs, building an inevitable momentum towards that bleak but somehow also bright horizon. Their latest LP Spill into Atmosphere, off Minneapolis’ De Stijl Records, is comfortably couched in this tried and true sonic environment, but there is a new dimension to the their sound, a pop sensibility that always tinged their hazy recordings but here blossoms to take its rightful place centre stage. Those organ grooves are ever more upbeat, the drums somewhat tighter, the vocals more articulated. Experienced fans may at first be taken aback by this seemingly sudden turn, but nothing of the meandering lo-fi raga and burnt-out sonic explorations of previous recordings is lost here, but is instead only fulfilled by a slightly more structured approach. This is sunny and catchy music in the best way possible, and a perfect to compliment to the heavy languid summer.

Sadly, Reed recently had to cancel Wet Hair’s summer tour with Rene Hell due to a serious knee injury. We wish him a speedy recovery, and are psyched to see Wet Hair when they hopefully arrive (w/ Tyvek & Dope Body in tow) all healed for a BOW Show on 8/6 @ TT The Bear’s. Until then, be sure to pick up their new record, released TODAY!

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