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Creeping, minimalistic sequenced synth compositions, at times entering into song territory, at others just unfurling slowly through the cosmic (electronic) ether. STACIAN comes from Milwaukee, and the music practically wreaks of a dark northern nighttime. The music oozes John Carpenter soundtrack vibes, as she tops her sequenced passages with all manner of boggy sounds and drum machine patter. These tracks are not simply dance floor fare, though they could absolutely be used as such; not simply some rehashed cold wave fly by night wish wash, though there are shared elements here. These melodies are getting stuck in my head more and more by the minute, and I am getting pulled further inward by the reverb blasted dubby vocals and layered synthesizers. SONGS FOR CADETS was released late in 2012, and it sounds perfect, having been completely recorded on 4-track and created using only analog electronics (which the one woman behind these spooky electro grooves is nice enough to list right there on her bandcamp site). Human-ness is oozing through quite a bit on these recordings and for me that makes me love it all the more. “Eye” buzzes along, washing right over you, and then almost goes right off the rails, but straightens back up and continues to beckon. I feel as if I’m being hypnotized and drawn toward the edge of a cliff and I’m so involved I just step off. Electronic pop that I want more of! I don’t get into this steez too often, thank you for showing me the way STACIAN. Out now on MONIKER RECORDS.

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