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It’s high time to get back to caveman simplicity with the dissonant groove drones of Aussie freak-pop outcasts SKY NEEDLE. In a music scene so chock full of way-out-there dancebeat envelope pushing, the broken clanking of glass bottles and distorted xylophones is a gentle and groovy change of pace to get your brain boppin’ and your ears poppin’. Hailing from sunny Brisbane, Australia, SKY NEEDLE are not concerned with modern conceptions of instrumentation and arrangement, using their deliciously fucked-up “unstruments” like speaker-box basses and leg-horns to rocket up into a stratosphere of rattles, hums, buzzes and vocal flutters like a clunky old car vibrating itself to bits at high freeway speeds. This music defies genre and spits phlegm in the face of categorization — too ambient for pop, too groovy for noise, yet somehow emotional like Ray Bonneville. With their fresh long player “Rave Cave,” SKY NEEDLE take a lunge directly for your puny puppet brain, making you feel exactly what they need you to feel. Check the tune “Two Way Solo” to get a taste for the funkiness, and once you come to terms with the alien sounds, spin “Radical Fire” to start the booty shakin’. SKY NEEDLE will snatch up every little thing you thought you knew about music and fire it all straight to the heavens, dancing to the tune of everything crashing back to earth.

Rave Cave LP by Sky Needle

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