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SATURNALIA TEMPLE hailing from Sweden bring forth some of the heaviest and at the same time psychedelic riffing moments in recent memory. Described as “black magic metal” elsewhere, I would be hard pressed to disagree in this space. This is metal reaching back to its roots of sludgy riffage, and oozing occult imagery, and atmosphere. But then it is all filtered through a heavy psychedelic haze of effects and vibe. Powerful heady stuff. They’re most recent record AION OF DRAKON came out last year on NUCLEAR WINTER/AJNA OFFENSIVE and it is a smoke filled, evil spirit conjuring, sludgy, giant riff monster. The 12 minute title track “Aion of Drakon” is a mind melt. The first riff present here is nothing short of awesome. And then the second riff arrives and you’re like, WHAT?!, as it maintains the awesome. And this riff back and forth is what we get for basically the first 4 minutes of the songs. Affected vocals ooze along atop the mountains of psych riffage. Drums plod. Lighters click around the world. And the songs continue on like this, psychedelic effects emerging from the doomy stew every now and then. My head just might explode. If I was in the darkened woods and heard this stuff I would find the nearest cliff and jump off rather than find out what was coming for me. Fuck yes.


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