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Panabrite is the solo project of Seattle’s Norm Chambers, a interstellar voyager who evokes both the immensity of the infinite and the intensity of the intimate with the subtle manipulation of analog synths. Heralded by a quiet trickle of a bubbling melodies, like the gentle flickering of distant suns, Panabrite’s sublime compositions emerge from the great void of empty space like a fluid, majestic force that attracts cosmic debris into its orbit, assimilating dissonant signals of discarded materials into its complex harmony of interlaced synth loops. At times a solitary strumming of an acoustic guitar can be heard meandering through this vibrant ecosystem saturated with electronic life. Schools of synth arpeggios swim vigorously through deep caverns that reverberate with the endless echos of subsumed sine waves. It would be easy to get lost in the cosmic swirl, but a celestial strain carries the inner gaze ever onward, uplifting the listener and guiding them to new, stimulating terrains of kosmiche beauty along a path illuminated by the purifying light of the transcendent.

This prolific keyboardist has already turned out an impressive series of records, including releases off nu-drone tastemakers like Tranquility Tapes, Aguirre and Hobo Cult Records, culminating in the veritable masterpiece of synthetic space travel of Soft Terminal, released last March off Digitalis. This synth genius is staying well busy though, having just dropped another record, The Baroque Atrium, off Australia’s always solid Preservation Records. And with several more releases, including splits with Lunar Miasma and Giant Claw, slated for this year, you’ll be sure to hear much, much more of this soothing seer.

PANABRITE – Octopus In Your Dreams from Camilla Padgitt-Coles on Vimeo.

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