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Richmond’s PALINDRONE make truly groovy and super chill psych pop that puts on all of your favorite classic Rock and Roll dressings one after another and manage to wear them all well. Their sweet, hazy vocals deliver long and dreamy melodies a la Quilt or MMOSS and are no doubt influenced by the same 60’s legends (and/or obscure weirdos) as our New England psych rock stock. They might then blast unabashedly into some totally epic but cooly subdued guitar riffage or just drone off into the lovely abyss of psychedelic organ ditties, either way you can rest assured that they’ll have you floating in the sea of catchy jams. It’s really nice to see folks making time-honored cosmic rock with serious sincerity and their own low down sound. No wonder they play with the likes of JEFF The Brotherhood and Heavy Cream when they’re rolling through Richmond. Despite this tape coming out last year it remains high in the running for tape of the summer in my book. It doesn’t even bother me that it’s the same on both sides, it’s just that much easier to listen to over and over again. It was put out by Deth The Label but you would be better off trying to order it from Steady Sounds in Richmond, store rules. CHECK IT!

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