MMOSS are full fledged members of the New England psychedelic musics society that has blossomed more beautifully than ever before in recent years. They can stand right alongside any of the psych music makers in these parts and beyond as far as I’m concerned. And this band not only has the sound, but the songs to pair with it, which for me is paramount. They have been called New Hampshire’s best band, and while there are a bunch of cool bands from New Hampshire, I’ll have to hear one better to disagree. Late in 2012 came ONLY CHILDREN on the TROUBLE IN MIND record label, Mmoss’ second full length record. It ups the ante in terms of scope and ambition from their debut i, serving up their blend of psychedelic pop and improvisational exploration in equal doses.”Another Day” is one of my favorites from this latest record. It’s the shortest song on the record and features a great back and forth between singer/guitarist Doug Tuttle’s haunting vocal melody and Rachel Neveu’s great flute playing, a hallmark of the band that instantly sets them apart from their peers. Short but bittersweet.
“Spoiled Son” is another standout for me. It closes the record (a song called “Spoiled Sun” opens it) and ends it all on a very melancholy, droning pop note. Here the guitar playing, flute, and vocals are as lush as can be found anywhere on the record. The sitar or affected guitar riff this song is built around has crept deep into my skull, as have a few of the other melodies found on ONLY CHILDREN. A very rich sounding leap forward for this great New England band.

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