It’s hot. Time to get outside and roll around in the dirt. But when you are ready to get seriously filth fucking nasty, point your boombox toward Pittsburgh and tune in for a chin-scraping good time with noise-experipunks MICROWAVES. They buck caution like a puny jockey and careen headfirst into the future of nanotech-age rock fuckery with no regard to typical metrical organization or harmony — don’t expect any kind of sing along chorus. This raging duo grits their rotten teeth and chug forward to the tune of blast beats and mind-melting distortion, with string shredder David Kuzy and can smasher John Roman each using MIDI triggers to cue in poop-inducing bass fills and deep-space aggro synth nonsense. With their latest inflammatory release, Psionic Impedance, they are signed to the famously thrashy and robo-rawking ugEXPLODE Records, who have recently packed up and moved the shop from sunny Oakland to gritty, loveable NYC. The prog influence is definitely here, and little echoes of Geddy Lee shrieking with an STD are as plentiful as early Fall of Troy-esque broken chordal assaults. All in all this record does not misstep or stumble — rather, it tramples any predetermined course and expectations, burying them in the dust of human bones and shattered dreams as fuzz-squawking juggernauts scrape the remains of humankind from the face of the earth. Save yourself. Strap on your tinfoil hat and learn to love the radiation.

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