Electronic producer M. Constant has built a steady following in Boston over the past year by providing those dance heads what they so desperately crave: the freshest beats soaking with the dew of a new dawn. His impressive debut, Construmentals vol. 1, released in january on bandcamp for free download, is a delectable collection of hip hop instrumentals full of smooth soul jazz samples cut up and repasted in a playful yet precise way that hinted at the adroit and inspired mind behind the tunes. That was however only an inticing prelude to the madness that is his latest release, Bugged Ep, released off the cambridge-based promo turned record label JASS.

‘Chew-Z’ opens the EP with a endlessly unfolding sprawl of broken house, vibrating incessantly with with distorted echoes of decayed RnB flourishes and a plodding sub bass that just wont quit. the energy swells with ‘Us Tempenauts,’ where that heavy bass beats assumes center stage and dances a subtle tango with clicked percussive rhythms and the delayed stirrings of a solitary sitar. ‘The Sirens of Chatién’ let your ears relax with a slightly slower tempo, but there is ultimately no room to escape the unrelenting barrage of 8-bit riffs fleshed out with a deep fuzzy wobble bass groove that jumps and jives between crashing cymbals and the refracted diva moans. Closer ‘Transitrip’ is a short, concentrated banger, a heady expression of the nervous energy of commuting in the city, complete with twisted samples of shattered glass, blaring horns and a forward leaning back beat.

With a bevy of expansive yet sonically coherent tracks under his belt, this emerging prodigy has aptly demonstrated he has the chops needed to take your dance party to the next level. If ya dig, be sure to come out to one of his many salacious live performances and find out just how funky fresh this town has become these days.

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