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King Blood is the moniker of ex-Snake Apartment(they, awesomely, of our sister city Providence, RI) guitarist and Skulltones label head Ryland Wharton. The dude has been shredding it up ever since moving to California in 2007, exploring the full spiritual potential of the RIFF. His latest greatest record Vengenance, Man saw a limited release off Richie Records that is unfortunately all sold out. But these deep burnt ragas just cannot stay unavailable for long. Each song leaps out from the gate in a burning heat of raw hard psych melodies that scorch the mind in purifying preparation of the coming journey. The momentum eventually turn inward upon itself, blurring at the ends, spiraling downwards into expansive terrains prickled with fuzzy delight. The gutter drones hit a mellow, spaced low before rising once more, transformed into the backwater boogie blues bash of your luminous dreams. Right now this holy healer is rolling solo, but there’s talk of forming a band and doing some vhs visual meditations on what we can only hope and pray is a tour in the near future.

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