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Zs guitarist Ben Greenberg, aka: Hubble, gets down on some lengthy, synth-like guitar passages with his debut solo venture for NNA, Hubble Linger.Those of you who are familiar with his work in the Brooklyn avant-chamber trio, know that Greenberg harnesses a rather shrill, yet effortlessly palatable guitar tone, with a sharp, metallic clank that almost overpowers his tricky notation.On Hubble Linger, Greenberg uses a similarly brash approach to his music, and instead of hiding behind a string of pricey effect pedals and surgical treatments, the endless wash of mathematical notes pours out of his guitar with a completely natural, organic vibe.Deep within the stacks of hypnotic scales and layers of deconstructed melodies, lies a very calm and meditative piece of music, focusing more on “the big picture”, and relying less on pure chance.That’s not to say Hubble Linger is completely free of total harshness, it’s definitely got a dark side, as the last few moments of this tape are smoldering with layers of piercing feedback, and just when you start to think you can’t take it any more, things begin to ease up and fizzle out. Overall, this hour-long guitar seance flows along beautifully, with a ton of interesting tempo changes, controlled fretboard wizardry, and more than enough psyched-out drones to liquefy your brains for the duration.Highly recommended!Grab one from NNA.

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