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If you, like me, missed High Aura’d’s June 19th show, and also didn’t really know who he is, you should really check it out as soon as possible. His new album is called Sanguine Futures, and it’ll be out on Bathetic Records July 10th, featuring such greats as trumpeteer Greg Kelley. In the free single for streaming on Bathetic’s website, “Rivers Run Like Jewels”, we see the most pure mists melting and colliding with each other. The clarity is intense. The bubbling hiss only provides a stronger foundation for the coos and echoes of what is natural. High Aura’d has something that not many of his other contemporaries have — untempered confidence. It’s not cocky, it’s not shameful and it’s not something you can even put a finger on. The underbelly of this album is a quiet, unabridged sanctuary of harmony. It is nature itself — whirring, stagnant and unconscious. –Alizon K

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