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A large jar containing a darkened fluid composed of a an aptly sludgy rhythm section and a monumental dosage of fried, psychedelic guitar wilding has fallen from a high shelf. It is oozing, no, flowing toward a large pile of important manuscripts unfortunately situated on the floor at a slight decline not far from the shelf. It is a known fact that there are no towels in the house, as very recently the towel collector came by to remove the old towels, but is still days away from refreshing the supply. Similarly napkins, tissues and paper towels are not to be found. The only available means with which to halt this hard rock flow is a nearby blanket. Thus the blanket is thrown to the ground, colliding with the flow, and absorbing every last drop of the darkened psychedelic fluid. What you are left with is a heavy blanket. J Mascis is in this band. He is indeed the one shredding. And his shredding is near endless. No vocals here. Just shredding. This band was apparently formed in 1984, when perhaps these songs were written, until a mysterious injury derailed the band. HEAVY BLANKET has now returned with a self titled record. If you like endless shredding( perhaps Major Stars, Comets on Fire, Dungen…without the songs) this is for you. Out on OUTER BATTERY RECORDS.

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