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Local noisenik Forest Wizard told me to buy the FNU Ronnies record from Weirdo, so I did. Turns out that FNU RONNIES make the kind of relentless, freakadelic, groovy, noise rock that has got underground scenes all over the U.S. on it’s knees right now, especially us here in Boston. And it makes sense that they have their ear to the ground all over the place because members seem to be scattered from coast to coast (at least San Francisco and Philadelphia). However you explain it, these dudes are tapped in and they aren’t afraid to take it to the next level. They have a couple releases floating around out there but their newest LP on LOAD Records has that psychedelic edge that really puts it over the top. Saddle Up sends you off down a chaotic and totally wild path of punk fury and haze of distortion only to knock you down at the next fork with a fatally catchy right hook. Although the more you listen the more that sudden transition to infectious grooves feels more like a clothesline. They also aren’t afraid to break it down either, taking your trip into some menacing comic book surf rock monster mash that sounds like the Beach Boys and Charlie Manson thrown into LOAD’s heavy ass weird rock blender. It’s so spunky and nasty it will make you feel like a kid again, a kid who love punk riffs and weed. If you’re down with the sounds that rule the streets in this town then get his immediately because it’s certainly up your alley.

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