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Terminally awesome and never stopping in the exploring of the sonic universe is Boston’s EXUSAMWA. Bridging the invisible divide between experimental, weird pop, and full on hardcore sectors this four cornered sound destruction unit has never let me down. When I listen to EXUSAMWA I feel as if I am riding along on some carnival ride through a haunted house, or mine, or cave(or other haunted kind of place) breezing by spectacle after spectacle. Each spectacle of course carries its own specific charm, and while you get to take in each one, the ride keeps moving and before you realize it you are on to the next one. 15 songs in just about 15 minutes is the program for EXUSAMWA’s new EP, PHASE IV, out this weekend on 100% BREAKFAST RECORDS. On “Creek”, which I will call here a weird pop number, vocals float into the ether, as ominous keyboards plink away into the foggy distance. “Stranger In A Bag” alarms with some police siren like vocals smashed into a bed of start stop hardcore moves. The record leans toward a vocal wilding out atop herk jerk punk place setting, but there are also the 4 sound experiment, synth magic servings that come labeled as the albums 4 Phases. A brief(as always), fascinating(as always) trip through the musical wormhole. Is EXUSAMWA the salvia of music? EXUSAMWA is the salvia of music. Catch them @ UFORGE Gallery in JP celebrating the release of PHASE IV tomorrow 6/22.

Bandwidth TV – Exusamwa from BandwidthTV CCTV on Vimeo.

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