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Beneath endless layers of dubby synth loops of crystalline pleasure, Duck Dive has been quietly making sonic waves in that small but expansive ‘genre’/musical environment known loosley as contemporary ambient drone. Swimming along in the deep calming currents previously explored by the likes of Dolphins into the Future‘s Lievens Marten and Alex Grey of Deep Magic (and frequent Sun Araw contributor), this intrepid traveler from the tropics of Jakarata shares the formers penchant for flurries of pure heaven synth arpeggios awash in delay and accompanied by distorted field recording of exotic flora and fauna. Yet, like his namesake implies, Duck Dive doesn’t cop-out like many 2nd-generation tag-alongs with just a couple of bubbly loops and calls it a day, no this soul surfer ditches the longboard and dives deep below those effervescent waves of emerald to catch something underneath -a beat. Its hidden in much his work, buried and stretched almost beyond recognition, and at times only suggested, but that touch of kosmiche kick underpins his ambient zonage, connecting the astral plane to the dance floor. This is psychedelic dronage at its best; you can space out alone in your room, or you can bounce around and get all weird with your buds, the choice is yours. Look hard to find his 2010 split with Edibles off the heroic (and sadly now defunct) Stunned Records and this year’s excellent tape Interpolarity (off ever-awesome Hobo Cult Recs). A beautiful way to get lost this summer.

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