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Baltimore’s Dope Body has been on fire for the past year and if their rapidly growing fan base is any indication, their now humungous flame of attitude driven noise rock will not be going out anytime soon, at least, not for lack of oxygen. With their latest release on top label Drag City the band does what they do best – deliver high energy, interesting and heavy music with the groove always in mind – and then some. Natural History actually begins with a super cool, tripped out and introspective trance jam before dropping you into their familiar pit of head bopping and body thrashing rock and roll. It’s nice hearing these dudes continuing to explore the possibilities of their brutal sound without straying too far from the raw, noisy as hell and hard hitting rock riffage they do so well. Their music is no doubt aggressive and even angsty but it’s clear that it’s all about battling your demons. Their singer spits the clever, sarcastic and often atonal truth about shit talk, bullshit and other shitty situations the average dude might find themselves contemplating. All the while the rest of the DB gang holds it down like a sick hardcore band thrown into a blender with a whole lot of funk and noise; What results is a twisted mix of groovy rock music featuring nasty noise outbursts and real deal zeal, no bullshit noodling or showy technicalities here. Dope Body can make even the most introverted noise weirdo feel like a tough guy, a unique virtue of oddball rock and roll and experimental sounds. One of the most magical things about underground music on the whole is it’s ability to give misfits and oddballs of the world a sense of empowerment that society only bestows on college graduates. Indeed, Dope Body’s music will pump you up to a level you might not yet be comfortable with but we’re sure you will get used to it in no time. CHECK IT!

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