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This morning I went to the kitchen to quench my hunger and, to my horror, my roommates had eaten all my grits!  And I almost flew off the handle — that is, until I put on DIKES OF HOLLAND‘s debut album and remembered that there is plenty of grit to go around after all.  Hailing from weirdo haven Austin, Tejas, the DIKES are a bunch of rowdy Southern thrill-seekers with a knack for dirty, no-frills rock ‘n roll.  Their fresh collage of garage punk, rockabilly twing-twang, and hoedown-flavored dance rhythms is a wild animal, thrashing about like a ‘coon on fire as they flail away on distorted and reverb-impregnated guitars.  At times they cop a gospel grandiosity, integrating sweeps of vocal harmony often reserved for more lush settings, but their home is gritty — yes, gritty — and aggressively swingin’ punk rock.  The DIKES OF HOLLAND rescued my morning; imagine what they could do for your drunken Saturday night.

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