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Blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt...

No more mister nice rapper — DANNY BROWN is all about fucked-up hypnotic flow and a penchant for causing a scene. Since making the jump to rising powerhouse Fool’s Gold Records, the young Detroit emcee has released a sophomore solo effort XXX early last year, and just a few months back popped out a collab with stellar indie-beat bastard BLACK MILK titled, fittingly, Black and Brown. In a hip-hop scene dominated by the grandiose, regal beat and carefully calculated rhythm, Danny is a bright revolt of incongruousness. The beats are jagged and off-kilter, rotating around a lopsided equator of wordplay. His rhymes are goofy and often provocative, throwing about slurs and insults but for a greater purpose than shock value — DANNY BROWN is ultimately about the groove. The way his beats and couplets mesh is unique in its woozy circularity, as they often don’t line up end-to-end and interlock instead on less traditional sides of the beat. This is not one to miss yo. Check out DANNY BROWN now, on June 21 at the BofA Pavilion (yeah, bummer, oh well), before he takes over and you don’t even get the choice!

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