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If you are sick of the same old punk shit we suggest you summon CRAZY SPIRIT. These Brooklyn bred bruisers deliver quintessential hardcore with a psychedelic edge. CS have managed to get themselves mixed up with weird noise and odd samples without at all losing touch with their roots, always a radical feat. Since releasing their now coveted demo tape in 2009 these dudes have been upping the ante with outstanding 7″s, legendary live shows and even some international touring. The foundation of this pure punk fury is absolutely explosive drum beats going blow for blow with super simple, honest to badness, blown-out guitar and bass riffs in all their distorted glory. On top of that we have raw and hoarse vocals outbursts from a madman with unquestionable conviction. They show their psychedelic side with brief but nasty and noisy breakdowns that are plotting, plodding and droning in a downward spiral to hell. These heavy and droning grooves send you off into a tizzy only to snap back suddenly into militaristic blasts of catchy and spastic rock and roll riffage. The beautiful thing is that no matter how relentless this hardcore abuse seems to get it could then crumble into a pile of nihilistic noise rock at any given moment, even only for a short trip. Crazy Spirit always keep the energy high but beyond that you never known exactly what to expect from this gang. No one particular instrument or aspect of the band stands out above the others and this is a strength they play to; They move as one unit, all matched in their determination to brutalize your mind with fantastically fuzzed out and garage tinged thrash. If you are down with punk or just think you might be, we urge you to wrap your head around this totally unique yet true to form NYC crew who is carry the torch of interesting and exciting punk ruckus into the next dimension. CHECK IT.

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