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CONTAINER – LP (Spectrum Spools 2012) Within the voluminous world of dance music there exists a special place, one in which the spirit of carefree fun breeds with the need to push boundaries and make exceptionally interesting music: this is where Ren Schofield lives. Combining the harsh, blasted beats of noise/rock bands and the smooth, pristine pulse of pure electronic artists, this nightclub spark plug is on a level of accessibility that few others seem capable of attaining. Schofield’s special brand of bent techno certainly has some genre touchstones in there, but bringing this heavy, minimal mind-fuckery down to a level we can all appreciate is something I couldn’t be more thankful for. Now living in Providence, this dance menace known as CONTAINER has become a staple of the East Coast underground, flipping lids left and right. When I first heard “Paralyzed”, the second track from Container’s newest LP “LP”, I literally thought the sound system was broken. This crooked cut is a perfect example of what makes Container’s music so enthralling. It is a persistent, simplistic, and totally sick beat permeated by unexpected twists and turns of the experimental noise persuasion. On the whole, this second album for Editions Mego’s impressive imprint Spectrum Spools has the same recipe for getting you lifted on the creeping, minimal techno psychedelia as the first, but is perhaps even more potent than its predecessor.Find the vinyl and lose your mind a little.

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