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VINYL RITES and FRAMEWORK have teamed for a split release of the new BRAIN KILLER 7” and let us tell you that this is one insane little record. 6 new tracks of heavy, relentless, noisy hardcore punk. Really like where these Boston guys are headed. The local punk scene is really smashing the fuck out of unoriginality these days and these guys are on the front lines. YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS. This stuff is writhing, smash you in the face, steamroller d-beat hc with  intense vocals, and lead guitar when it matters. This is BRAIN KILLER’s 3rd 7″ and follows up from where they left off with their EVERY ACTUAL STATE IS CORRUPT LP of last year. “Controlled Reality” starts off side B of this thing with some feedback before dropping into some ripping hardcore with vocal back and forths that eventually give way to an awesome little ascending guitar harmony. Then the whole thing gets swallowed up by noise and feedback for a good long while while the rhythm pummels its way on through. Smart use of noise in punk. I love this song and I love this record. This is some nasty, and more importantly, interesting music.


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