Welcome to the the Church of Our Lady of Psychefolkedelia! Today’s sermon will be lead by our resident high priest, Philly badass choir-folk outfit BAD BRAIDS and their gyroscopic amalgamations of out-there acid tripping and grounded country folk stompin’. The brainchild of Megan Biscieglia and Cameron Vance (also of Hassle fave and generally fucking awesome post-psych noise rock outfit BANNED BOOKS), BAD BRAIDS shred in a much gentler fashion, grazing the fringes of your eardrums with twangy acoustic guitar and soft feedback. Vocal harmonization fills in the negative space like molder’s putty, oooohing and aaaaaaahing prettily but with a sure grip. It’s almost choirlike in the roundness of the sound — peep “Oh Righteous One” from their lone EP, “Arrow and Orb,” for a taste of shimmering operatic sweetness. Make sure and catch this one when Biscieglia and crew return to Boston on August 5 (venue TBA) for a swangin’ tour with fellow psychedeligod MIKE BRUNO, and download “Arrow and Orb” to tide you over for the sweaty days of late.

Arrow And Orb by Bad Braids

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