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Criminally underappreciated record.

It’s called Seashard, by Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase, aka Chris Cooper of beloved Western-Mass total freaks Fat Worm of Error (and formerly Caroliner, Barn Owl, Deerhoof, and Boston’s own ‘shy improv heavyweights’ the BSC) exploring headlong, explosive jaunts into absurd studio electroacoustic composition. This record is totally confusing, but weirdly funny… teeming with autonomous alien energies, antihuman gestures. No notions of music here, just digitally rendered 3D cartoons. Cooper treads the line of a constantly shifting and disorienting soundworld while keeping his timing right so that you at least feel like you’re in discrete movements but which are so complex that they could never truly have been ‘structured’ other than by such an improvised-music veteran as Cooper.
This record is full of resplendent, dumb motions dancing into headlong delirium, no narrative, totally lucid impossibly vivid shapeshifting machine music, highest-order cartooning, continuously confounding, endlessly enfolding meandering textures, pinball machine bass, user-friendly audiovisual schizophrenia rides, consistently morphing skull-splitting-open virtuality. Cannot recommend enough, brilliant shit.

Out on cassette and LP from Senufo Editions.

Stream via Experimedia below.
angst hase pfeffer nase – seashard (album preview) by experimedia

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