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Chastity Belt — “Joke”


If MTV really killed the radio star, then what exactly has YouTube done? Answer: It’s allowed real-world babes like the members of Seattle’s Chastity Belt to get thousands of views for videos like “Joke,” a sneak peek into their (surprisingly chill) experiences as a touring band. In a media landscape that’s increasingly exclusively interested in Botox-filled celebrities, it’s pretty refreshing to watch seemingly real people do real, funny, quirky things like take a photo of “Yolo Street” or get excited about Pi Day.

And the music? It’s an appealing mix of dreamy pop and chilled-out riot grrrl—Chastity Belt sound more than a little like fellow Washingtonians Sleater-Kinney. “Joke” appears on Chastity Belt’s Time To Go Home LP, out now from Hardly Art.

And hear them live: Catch Chastity Belt at Out of the Blue Too in Cambridge on June 17.

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