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The Boston underground scene is addicted to noise-rock music. No, really—anyone who’s spent a few months or more in certain basements or bars around Boston would respond to this with a resounding “duh.”

Charlie’s Kelley’s Girls not only feeds that addiction—it seems likely that the 4-song EP by the Jamaica Plain trio was inspired by it. Charlie embraces the same ferocious, almost atonal guitar lines that have come to be a trademark of seminal Boston faves Guerilla Toss, along with frantic, screaming vocals and bass lines and drumming that can go from controlled and plotting to full-on maniacal in a millisecond. It’s the musical equivalent of walking through a haunted house (not the tacky kind).

However, Charlie is a trio—and their compact size makes their music inherently more minimal. Rather than the thick, chaotic, almost avant-rock-orchestra sound we’ve come to know and love from G-Toss, the songs on Kelley’s Girls are closer to the roots of post-punk: they’re sharp, bratty, and have just a smidge of a pop influence. Am I even allowed to say that? But when you find yourself tapping your fingers along to “Davud Linch,” you’ll agree.

Find Charlie playing around town, and check out Kelley’s Girls streaming below via Bandcamp.

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