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THE CHANNELS. You know those guys from GUERILLA TOSS, AYKROYD, and DESIGNER who got together in the basement of the Whitehaus and immediately hit the nail on the head with their strange and limb shaking take on post-punk and noise rock and new wave? These guys play music that meanders into several of the different nooks and crannies available. Sometimes bright and bouncy, sometimes dark and energy sucking black holes of song. THE CHANNELS have a full record done recorded with FAT HISTORY MONTH’s wonderful Mark Fede, and this is our first taste of that, and they were kind enough to let us be the first to tell you about it. I mean these songs do not even have names yet! I *think* they eventually will though. I believe the future record will be called LO FRUIT, and from it “7” (at least for now) is a deviant country number of some kind featuring a buzz saw bass and percussion intoxication! These guys have, count ’em, TWO DRUMMERS!!! And they both play standing up!! Rory sings this song, and for my money it’s fun as hell to listen to, especially in the live setting where there are other people getting the opportunity to discover the exact same thing about this track at the exact same time as you!!! I look very much forward to spending some time with this future record that is rumored to have a tape release in its future (BUFU RECORDS). Find out about the whole live band part of their equation that I mentioned tomorrow night when this gang blasts off BOSTON HASSLE’s show booking life @ TASTY BURGER (in Harvard Square) alongside get this: SPEEDY ORTIZ, SNEEZE, and IDIOT GENES. Show THE CHANNELS some love!!!

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