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Cellulite — Dust Wave


Cellulite is the a super-distorted cyber-noise-punk project from Baltimore’s Drew Owen, aka one-man garage punk band Sick Thoughts, and NYC synth pop composer Don Seun. On Dust Wave, the duo offer up ten songs in twenty minutes of raw, sleazy, lo-fi industrial punk goodness.

An aggressive hardcore punk spirit pervades this album in terms of energy, if not aesthetic. The ice-cold vocal delivery at points sound a bit black metal, or maybe even a bit GISM-influenced in a weird way, while the pounding rhythmic loops, guitars, and synths sound as though they’re coated in decades of rust and filth.

Dust Wave is a fitting soundtrack for urban decay. Some tracks have an 80s Australian industrial feel (think SPK, Severed Heads), and a couple even verge into dark ambient territory, but at its core this is just a spiteful, mean, punk as fuck kinda record. I’m not familiar with either of these men’s other projects, but if it’s anywhere near as good as this collaboration, I’m gonna have to check ’em out post haste.

Dust Wave is available now from Slovenly Recordings. It’s Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl with insert, and 110 copies blue vinyl with insert featuring 5 different hand-numbered (22 copies each), hand-glued cover variations.

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