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Celestial Shore — “Now I Know”


Celestial Shore’s vocalist and bassist Greg Albert finds himself drifting through a surreal funhouse in Nancy Shirley’s video for “Now I Know.” As he is dragged past people’s feet, however, Albert is not truly alone. Without any bodies or heads, the world around Albert is dehumanized into props for a set piece. Also, there is a morose ghost walking around the industrial sprawl of Los Angeles. Albert’s face is uncomfortable as he passes through playful sets. He is then strapped down by his ankles and rigged to a drill-powered hand winch. Pulling the drill coils the winch, steadily dragging Albert through a hundred feet set up to Nancy Shirley’s subversive liking. Albert struggles through this perspective until, ultimately, he too is dehumanized for the sake of the shot and transformed into an automatonic prop. Nancy Shirley is a creative collective headed by Philip Steiger and James Rodenhouse out of Los Angeles. “Now I Know” can be found on Hometapes’ release of Enter Ghost.


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