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CE SCHNEIDER TOPICAL – “Growing Back (Mix 2)”


The wonderful, warble-y world of Zach Phillips‘ music impresses upon the mind a colorful, warm tapestry of tape-hiss hallucinations, punctuated alternately by moments of crystalline, melodic clarity and mischievous, raw, analog manipulations. A prolific dude no doubt, he’s onto another collaborative project after relocating from VT to NYC, this time with songstress Christina Schneider. Just one visual dose of this new duo, who are calling themselves CE Schneider Topical, has surfaced so far, but it won’t be the last!

Their new video for “Growing Back (Mix 2),” courtesy of Christina Schneider herself, is a perfectly paced entry into the analog world these two are happily dismantling, reassembling, dismantling, and then reassembling again ad infinitum (or, until the tape runs out). Flower after flower blooms within a matrix of superimposed snippets of VHS footage, creating a pretty expansive, hypnotizing experience despite the fact that it falls just short of the 3 minute mark. Featuring an addictive, bouncy little melody, an always-active bass line, and some fantastic moments of visual and sonic erosion, there’s plenty to pick apart and bliss out on as the video progresses. Check out their Soundcloud to stay up to date with new tracks from these two as their explorations into freaky pop continue to unfold!

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