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I remember stumbling onto this band several years ago on some random online mixtape. The track was some ugly noisy garage rock that had me soon looking for more… to no avail. Fast forward a two or three years and a girl I meet at a show in Memphis gives me a scratched up CDr containing recordings for an EP and a split by the same band. The last few years saw the sound develop a little, showing better riffs and recording while maintaining the noisy garage rock core.

San Francisco’s CCR Headcleaner features members of The Hospitals and Long Legged Woman, and sound somewhere in-between, amalgamating noise, psychedelia, garage rock, and punk. Their debut 7” came out back in January on Caesar Cuts, following a handful of previous releases. The music relies primarily on reverbed vocals and distorted and feedbacking guitar that alternate between Destruction Unit-esque psychedelia and proto-punk rocking. Unfortunately the album takes this psychedelic haze too far. The tracks never really coalesce into anything and the songs feel lazy and safe. Sterile, even, falling into bland riffing and an almost 90s alt rock sound. The EP, however, makes the most of their sound and features some of their best tracks.

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