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Southern Italy is home to a free for all, psychedelic drums and organ duo that have recently splattered my mind against the wall. Bringing to mind in ways the clutch amazingness of Chicago’s MOONRISING, this Italian band opens the door for you but forgets to tell you that there is nothing behind the door at all. And so once through the door you float on and on, at least until this latest record MONDO MUSIC concludes. The band is called CANNIBAL MOVIE and they appear to travel in some of the same circles as the great Italian band FATHER MURPHY who we at the Hassle have been lucky enough to put on a show for. And like myself they seem to be steeped in the psychedelic occult nature of the giallo film genre, alluding to it on their bandcamp site, and of course BEING ITALIAN (by coincidence I saw GOBLIN last night and they ruled!!). I like the idea of having pride, connecting with, and being inspired by a singular strain of art borne of one’s homeland. And I like the music I have found in MONDO MOVIE. The organ sounds here are vintage, and full, and dense. And much of this music is similarly dense. The idea of fog won’t leave me as I think about this music. It rolls in and dissipates, and it creeps along enveloping you before you realize it’s even there. “Get Lost In” music is what I would call this if I was the namer of music genres. One 13 minute winding, rolling, hovering just above your brain track for each side is found here. CANNIBAL MOVIE is going to accompany a lot of time typing away at computers and/or reading in my near future. Fairly pleasant, never boring, and constantly shifting in its dynamics MONDO MUSIC is an impressive two person psychedelic musical projection. Released on vinyl this year, but originally released as a tape last year, both by YEREVANTAPES.

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