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BRUTAL BLUES – “Medalje”


Steinar (from PSUDUKO) and Anders (from Noxagt (I haven’t thought about that awesome band in a while!)) comprise the duo of BRUTAL BLUES – a ferocious Norwegian grind band who are really taking the genre to some amazingly wonderful and fresh new places as far as I can hear. Modern, raw grind for ripping flesh, injuring the neck, spazzing out, and hallucinating to. Some of the moves here spark forth memories of moments from HELLA’s first record. The two men of the duo are also in a whole bunch of other bands that I am unfamiliar with now. But give me a week.

If you are like myself, and just get really excited when you hear modern punk whatever bands that take the weird path hard but never sacrifice the speed, intensity, or rawness of their chosen music; then this? this is for you!!!!!!

DRID MACHINE and NERVE ALTAR give us the new BRUTAL BLUES 12″, the band’s first record. “Medalje” is a prime example of what’s found throughout the DNA of this band and this record of theirs. Dual attack of guttural death metal vocals and a blackened crusty screech, all buried under heaps of massive, jagged guitars that have their hands around all known necks. Ephemeral electronics drifting, constantly colliding with the constant motion created by the aneurysm causing breakneck drum fantasy. This is one of the best records that I’ve heard all year. Wow, just a slap in the face. Mutant heaviness from the great North. I would love to be part of the frenzy they will cause if they ever cross the Atlantic. Also check out the promo video for this record. They thrash AND have a sense of humor?! I’m not worthy!

CLICK TO LISTEN TO: Medalje (because I can’t embed it…)

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