Massachusetts born, Providence embedded experimental pillar and beacon. Christopher Forgues, or C.F. KITES, DAILY LIFE, MARK LORD, and no fucking doubt others that I’ve never heard of, nor ever will. The meticulous peculiarity of Forgues has long fascinated me. I’ve been booking shows for a long time in the Boston area, and over the years there have been a few artists that I’ve tried to book on numerous occasions, but for whatever reason, it just never seems to work out. Forgues is one of those artists. And oh yeah, not only are all of his musical projects found exclusively on the interesting through fucking amazing spectrum, but he is also a revered, and lauded author of insanely detailed, deeply strange comics and graphic novels. BROWN RECLUSE ALPHA is a moniker in use now by Forgues, and it is a free, and experimental electronic music that exists under the name. COME OUT IN THE WASH is a recent cassette release under the name. It was released by CHANNEL 69 sometime in 2013. The label is seemingly run by the artist himself, which makes sense, as he surely projects self-sufficiency as much as anything else. This music, this art, is of the variety that demands your attention. And if it was ever to be experienced by others, it must do so, because it (and its father) is not trying to attract very many people’s attention. Other incentives exist inside, outside. I’m glad that I know.

“Better Days”, found on the COME OUT IN THE WASH tape, is 2.5 minutes of of haunted and moody. Straight out the gate the synths charge. Unhealthy arpeggios congregate, creating a warped syncopation. And this transitions beautifully into a cavernous middle, dripping, set some time ago. Not a modern era. It just feels like something bad is going to happen.

Really moving electronic exploration born of fertile mind. Seriously consider diving into the depths of the artistic world that this linchpin of New England experimental art creates. Much respect C.F.

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