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BROKEN ENGLISH CLUB is one of the many monikers under which Oliver Ho plays music. The British techno mainstay has been releasing records since the mid-90s alongside more well known artists like JAMES RUSKIN. Ho’s recordings as RAUDIVE and THE EYES IN THE HEAT have pointed in the direction of what Ho is now doing as BROKEN ENGLISH CLUB, veering well away from any kind of direct techno, and incorporating several different strains of post-punk and industrial music into his approach. There’s been a lot of this kind of splicing of the different musics lining the rock & electronic music periphery to see and hear over the last few years. And there will be a lot more I would bet considering the deepness of the well and, as far as industrial elements go, the relative lack of artists dabbling into the genre’s bits.

BROKEN ENGLISH CLUB’s first release is called JEALOUS GOD, and is the fourth release for the JEALOUS GOD record label helmed by Ruskin, Regis, and Juan Mendez (aka SILENT SERVANT). It’s a 5 track 12″ and from it I’ve so far gotten a hold of the above video for “Plastic Bag”, 1 of the 5. This one is a menacing synth powered cold and brutal bit of droned out thud. The kick drum pushes this one along at mid-tempo. The synth is fat and evil intermingling with a smidge of guitar and other electronics as Ho lets go of a monotone monologue, essentially unintelligible amid vocal effects and the rhythmic fog that he’s constructed. Dark, driving and compelling stuff, and a true melding of techno and electronic post-punk feels. Really looking forward to hearing the whole record. The video for “Paper Bag” is set to footage of a short film by avant-garde film maker Paul Sharits. And make sure to check out JEALOUS GOD, it seems to be a pretty interesting approach to a record label, including zines and other artful items along with each record purchase.

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