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“You see, I think that Garbage Truck
Man is heavily misunderstood. He is
made of trash. He smells pretty rep-
ugnant, but… he doesn’t want to c-
ause anyone harm. In fact, I feel l-
ike he wants peace. He… all he wa-
nts to do is soak up… all the tra-
sh in all the world.

“Specifically emotional trash. Like,
if you feel like shit he wants you t-
o to just… take it all out… on h-
im. And that… I mean that… that’s
his super power… is he can just ha-
ndle a whole bunch of trash… He eat-
s it. I’ve seen it. It’s… disgustin-
g. It, uh… It’s really gross. But h-
e loves it. He, you know, gobbles tha-
t shit up. He eats the trash. He… H-
e eats trash.

“Some times it’s real trash. Some tim-
es it’s sewage. Sometimes it’s poop.
Whatever it is, Garbage Truck Man wi-
ll eat it. And, uh, he loves it. I…
You know what? I… I love Garbage Tr-
uck Man. I… I’ve said. I love him.”

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