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Not the freshest of streams in all actuality, but I realized that we haven’t written about them yet, and I’ve been listening to it a a lot lately, so fuck it. BOSTON STRANGLER as you may know, are an absolutely intense hardcore band operating out of our very zone. One of the moment’s true torchbearers of the deep and always fertile Boston punk and hardcore scene, these guys released a beast of an LP titled PRIMITIVE last year on FUN WITH SMACK RECORDS. The riffs are devastating, the energy bursting thru your headphones, and the vocalist growls with some convincing menace. Just smash in the face hardcore from scene mainstays (members of SCAPEGOAT, SOCIAL CIRCKLE. CUT THE SHIT etc). The guitar work is nice in brief spurts too. Haven’t heard a take on this style of classic Boston HC done so well since the late 90s. When done well it will always work, and this is ripping stuff.

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