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Donate to our fundraiser here:

The COVID-19 Pandemic that is sweeping across the world has left a number of members of our collective unemployed or underemployed.

Please support them and provide us some funds we have lost due to the inability to hold our bi-monthly flea market or our events.

Aside from bringing Boston and New England the best in alternative and independent shows in alternative, DIY spaces, is an emerging and volunteer-run cultural outlet. This means: we have fees to run our website, pay our web developer, pay any upfront costs that come up with our events, and have some money in the bank.
The money from this fundraiser will go to the abovementioned operational costs as well as supplying some of our hardest-hit members with additional funds during this dismal time for public health and the economy.

This support would mean the world to us because while we are so busy covering the best of New England culture and arts (& holding down our day jobs) we have very little time left over to fundraise or plan for tough times.

& While we are appropriately social distancing and sanitizing our phones and laptops, we are still hard at work, getting the scoop around town AND discovering the best of the emerging artists around town.
So if you use our website and/or calendar or happen to enjoy our programming, please take this time to appreciate the baristas, students, office workers, writers, artists, and many other diverse humans that make Boston Hassle possible at this time.

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