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THE BLIND SHAKE are a punk trio from Minneapolis that make the perfect soundtrack to a car chase; it’s all fast riffs and heavy beats you want to pound along with on the steering wheel. Though they may defy simple classification – having been previously described as “animal beat leadfoot protopunk” and “a kind of backyard extraterrestrial minimal surf-punk party” – it’s obvious these guys can rock. Fronted by brothers Jim and Mike Blaha playing guitar and baritone guitar respectively, and backed by Dave Roper on drums, these three make a massively powerful sound.

Their latest release BREAKFAST OF FAILURES on GONER RECORDS marks their six full-length album, adding to several singles, three collaborations with psych legend Michael Yonkers and another with Swami John Reis to make an impressive resume. BREAKFAST OF FAILURES is like a car out of control, barreling down the highway with raucous percussion and exploding riffs. It speeds through ten songs in under half an hour and leaves you feeling a little exhausted, in awe of all the raw energy and anger that screams through. It opens with “Old Lake” and a slow three-notes that drip with reverb, until it all comes crashing down and the pace picks up like a racing heartbeat. And it doesn’t slow down. On “Parachute” they blend some space-age progressive guitar picking. It doesn’t even matter what they’re singing – something about nuns and spaceships? – but they suck you into their world.

Throughout the entire album, it’s obvious that The Blind Shake have crafted a talented and unique sound, blending elements of hardcore, psych rock and good ol’ punk anger into one seamless wild ride. Every song slips right into the next like sequential scenes in an action flick, and it’s hard to tear yourself away. Roll down your windows, stomp on the gas and lose yourself in all the fuzz.

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