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Funky wrecked techno from German DJ Helena Hauff (her solo debut ACTIO REACTIO just appeared on WERKDISCS) & fellow German producer F#X, both residents at the increasingly visible underground Hamburg club The Golden Pudel. This EP called PROTOTYPE is the first collaboration by these two under the moniker BLACK SITES. PAN just released this great example of the kind of EDM that has drawn myself and many others towards that general world of music over the last several years. Grimy, and covered in tape hiss, losing its way from the beat amidst noise filled trees, and slowly slipping away into the night. And that’s just side A “Prototype.” Amazing what a squeaking industrial beat, and some well layered scuzzy sounds can do to get the freaks on the floor. A joy getting lost in this confusing array of blip. The other side of this 12″ “N313P” goes further out and away from the dance floor, without ever entirely leaving it behind. Washes of synth patterns folding in upon themselves create a wild syncopated pulsating mass, throbbing along until the beat kicks in slightly more, only to relent to the wickedness of the strange laser-like synth emanations. A weird great start for BLACK SITES. Keep your eye on them.

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