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Black Packers — Living The Dream


Two-sided tape (?!) released back in June. BLACK PACKERS did the making. Paris’s TANZPROCESZ, the releasing. LIVING THE DREAM is the name of the thing we all (myself included) are converging over. A European duo of ugly sound makers, John Hegre and Jean-Philippe Gross; their want is to destroy your fucking eardrums. Electronic noise is their vehicle, and by all accounts (mine included), they are successful in their want.

Living the Dream is the second release by this duo, born of a European tour with STAER in 2013. The members play in a number of other groups, however: Gross with NEVERS and in various other collaborations, Hegre with the most beloved NOXAGT, JAZKAMER, THE GOLDEN SERENADES, solo, and in various other collaborations as well.

Turn to either side of this tape, Side A “Lyon”, and Side B “Brighton” (probably the geographic origin of each cassette half), and be demolished by a towering, warped scuzz-ray of concentrated sound that you can do your best to escape from, but unless you go for the pause or mute button (where’s your intestinal fortitude? don’t do it), there is no escape. All-encompassing, monolithic sheets of noise, power-electronics variety, are waiting for you. There is nuance here if you care to consider this thing before you. The sound arrives in waves, harshly, but listen beyond the pain in your ears and concentrate on what each man is doing to create the almost singular warlike pulse being transmitted, and you will find the nuance. Hegre and Gross certainly don’t make it easy however, tangling, and intertwining their unholy mind shatter as they do. Put on a new pair of pants and press play.

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