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So BIRD NAMES from Athens, GA played a B.O.W. SHOW just a little while ago over @ Starlab in Somerville. It was amazing. They are amazing. They are still on tour for their new record METABOLISM: A SALUTE TO THE ENERGY OF THE SUN. And here is a little a while post-show interview we did with them, one of our favorite bands…

1) So you just played in and visited Boston, how was it?

It was like a buttered slice of toast. Smooth, satisfying, savory.
Rare delightful company and amazing music from Quilt, Happy Jawbone
Family Band, and Nerdy Virgins.

2) You have a new record out on Northern Spy, can you tell us about that and
how you came to work with that label?

We made the record in an insular, intensive and shoestring fashion in
Chicago for about a year. We tried to do everything thoughtfully, all
the progressive decisions that collaborate to make what an album is,
we engraved small details all over the surface of all of it. It’s a
pretty particular album, and we think other peoples will unconsciously
like to listen to it.

3) How has tour been so far, going any place new, highlights?

Reporting today from Nashville, where try-outs are currently being
held across the way (in the minor league baseball stadium) for singing
the national anthem. Hours and hours of “…gave truth to the night.”
Playing shows in the Midwest is always a treat for us, as it is our
fatherland, and most of the cities have great musical heritages and
interesting music. St. Louis and Cincinnati were particular highlights
lately. But it’s been gravy top to bottom. Today we travel to Memphis,
which is one of the last major-ish U.S. cities we haven’t played. Rich
white gravy.

4) You’re living in Athens, GA, what’s going down in Athens? Who should we
be listening to from down there?

Quiet Hooves + Bubbly Mommy Gun

5) From where, if anywheres in particular, do you draw inspiration for your art?

The certainty of death. Psychedelic awareness. History. An
evolutionary perspective when considering the nature of life.

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