BINMEN – Stretch Limousine


I mentioned the Binmen in a recent review. Their songs are sim-

ple. Poorly recorded, but that doesn’t distract the ear in a b-

ad way. It helps bind all the instruments together. Like they

used the built in mic on a cassette recorder and then played t-

hat tape on another machine while recording the next track.

A tried and true method for creating listenable sound.

The lyrics are simple. “The blind emperor sits on his throne t-

he clairvoyant emperor rides with me in my… stretch limousine”

Talk-singing. Over two chords repeated for 2 1/2 minutes. It’s

all very simple. The ensemble is very loose. Effective vampire

technique. They’ll produce lots if they keep playing. Who kno-

ws? Perhaps getting it together enough to record this was a b-


They are chaffeurs for the clairvoyant emperor. That doesn’t

sound so bad to me. They don’t hate the blind emperor. They a-

re bone cruising with a clairvoyant. Freaks. It seems like th-

ey developed an effective way to deliver words. Not too serio-

us, but silly. Still saying something. Pretty words can also

be effective words. The mind loves attaching to patterns. Fre-

eflowing rumination. Play with expectations. All that jazz.

There appears to be a keyboard buried in one of the layers, a-

nd it sounds like the sort of Wagnerian metal tones you may h-

ear if you’re into that sort of thing. The rhythms are an int-

eresting syncretized blues waltz swing ding and, if arranged a

different way, the blackest of metal skybarges. Melodically d-

ominated by a grinding bass and primitive, ritual, drumming.

The guitar and organ tones are amelodic and shifting. The gui-

tar is muffled, distorted, and never precise. It gives the w-

hole affair a spooky, spiralling, quality.

Though a short collection of materials, it is a weird, explora-

tory, one.

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