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Was language based on music or was music based on language? Were man’s first syllables an attempt at speaking or singing? Am I high right now or what??

Nah, man, you’re just scoping out that killer new Ben Vida disc. Slipping Control is out now on the impossibly good Shelter Press. And it is a TRIP. All pinging synth tones, vocalized constants, and pretty, hovering microtones. Apparently, homie took some crazy “text composition” (unraveled last year, also on Shelter) called “Tztztztzt Î Í Í”, performed it a few times, and, eventually, grooved it onto sweet, fresh vinyl. I’m just gonna say it – this reminds me of Holly Herndon. Ok. Especially “Breathe”.

He has a lot of fancy formulas and brief idiosyncratic wordplay that you can try to follow over here, but, if you’re like me, you must be cruising the internet looking for some crazy videos you can show your friends later. Lo and behold, Vida has delivered – you can check out a performance, an edited performance, and a colorful seizure-inducing video (below), all from the comfort of your favorite couch. Buy it from SP right here.

Ben Vida “Slipping Control” (SP038) from Shelter Press on Vimeo.

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