Ben Farley – Nostalgia Songs For Future Prisoners (2006-2020)

Try not to relax.


What are these odd sounds? I laid on an eiderdown somewhere

in the rings of Saturn having just left from a typical bru-

nch of mushroom and salamander omelettes, polar water, and a

heaping of grits.

The good Professor activated the soliton somewhere in there

and I found my senses were flooded with aural and imagined

stimuli. Pleasant, to be sure, but intense as hell. I hadn’t

made the journey back to Titan in 30 years. Very little had

changed, but I’ll never forget the weird throbbing sensatio-

n of blood pumping through veins while floating in the void.

I forget what the purpose of the voyage was, initially, but

the more I reflect I believe it had something to do with a-

n excinct class of beetle. Brunch with Ray and Fast Eddie,

an old scouse brute, was hilarious. Ray was an incredibly s-

evere silverskinned being with flaming yellow eyes. I had f-

orgotten all about him in those 30 years since my last trip

but the moment my eyes caught sight of those yellow eyes of

his I remembered him immediately.

How could I have forgotten? [This may be the most terrifying

thing I’ve ever seen.] I couldn’t help laughing. Eddie noted

my fits and stoked the flames. Salamander bits, grits and

polar water spilled out of my nostrils as the Swift One to-

ld colorful stories with even more colorful language. The

stories, however, were nightmares and didn’t warrant my la-

ughter. By the time I left I was exhausted.

When I asked about the beetles Fast Eddie went off on a ta-

ngent about the Ontario Provincial Police and the Order of

Buffalo Wings and Fries. The waiter overheard this and rep-

lied such Earth foods are not part of traditional Titian c-

uisine, let alone brunch. These clusters of information de-

manded supreme concentration. I rode waves of focus.

Looking back, I believe von Morgenvelt had augmented my BB-

RBZ by this point. I remember looking out of the window, a

tremendous wave of confusion setting in, and thinking it w-

as odd to see stars. Ray noted this, his terrible eyes glar-

ing at me. It was then I remembered who he was and that I w-

as on Titan. I relaxed immediately and forgot all about the

scene as I slowly levitated through the ceiling and into co-

smic dust.

So very relaxing. And this sense of relaxation was augmented

by the sounds pumped into my mind. Come to think of it, all

the events described here came to me by way of this aural a-

ccompaniment. I’m left with an uneasy feeling as I reflect

on it now. I’ll have to file this report ASAP.

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