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BEAK> – Life Goes On

Gosh golly there's a beak in their name


On June 21st of this year, Beak> released a new EP that continues to expand their odd and notable style. Titled Life Goes On, the tracks lead Beak> farther down the direction they are taking modern ‘psychedelic’.

My first take from this EP was the growth through experimentation that Beak> is doing in their songs and how lucky I feel that there are recordings of this progress for us to listen to. They are still experimenting and finding their style and understandably so, since beyond the other-worldly vocal effects, a trippy guitar riff now and then, and the fact you’ll find them Spotify’s “Fans Also Like” for bands like Levitation Room and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Beak> fits into the psychedelic genre for no distinct reasons.

Instead, they seem to be finding their own genre. The second track on the EP, titled “We Can Go”, hits a hyper-specific mood that cannot be described outside of that song. The talent, effects and the mix itself all sounds of the works of an experienced artist. The following track after this example of talent, “Minus Pillow”, is more fun and playful. It’s a bop and especially nice while driving, but its “leading” effect seems to just be playing with the EQ effect the way you do when you first start learning Garageband.

The shift from style separates the songs, making them seem more like a collection of singles. And don’t get me wrong I love them. But the jump is noticeable on first listen. When the EP lands on the perfect finish to this group of songs, “Allé Sauvage,” you are wondering what their mindsets were while creating this, you are wondering what these experiments will lead to in the next release.

What it says to me is that the search continues. They have skills creating art and with effects and sound, but the mix of these factors that creates Beak> is so out there it is still being worked on. Like their genre, their own style remains ambiguous and constantly changing.

And it makes sense that Beak> continues to work out its sound. The style in their discography is a special one, especially when trying to figure out where their influences come from. “(Merry Christmas) Face The Future” gives us a haunting rock song, while “Sex Music” gives us a techno vibe, but with a bit of Ministry.

Once you get close to pinpointing an origin, an eery new vocal track or an unsuspecting sound will push what you’re listening to out of the genre that you thought it was. And maybe that is their skill. Maybe Beak> exists void of genre. That certainly would be a skill to have. Regardless, Life Goes On is worth the listen and I can confidently say that somewhere in their discography is something you will enjoy. Even if that rock, pop, or disco sound you enjoy has been warped into their signature style, it is delivered in a unique way that is Beak>’s signature.

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