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Blown-out, bass fuzz slams the side of your head and as you are coming to you are basking in comfortable bliss of being not “Normal” enough, that is what Phoenix, Arizona’s Battered Suitcases is crankin’ out with their latest release “Oblivion” available now through Dead Beat Records. The high-driving tempos paired with the sun-burnt fuzz tones concocts a potent cocktail of punk, rock n’ roll that seems custom-built for crankin’ on your turn table.

Relentlessly you’re thrown into the next tune “Slippery”, whose ultra-infectious rhythm and defiant attitude bombard the senses before elusively slipping away into the next song “Ran It Through Me” which nails you to the ground with it’s unstoppable strut and groove. Wrapping up Side A with “I Don’t Think” and all of it’s menacing and hip-shakin’ glory, providing a welcome change of pace that strays from a sound more akin to The Runaways and opting for one with a more Rolling Stones “Some Girls” feel.

The thunderous Side B is kicked off with the title track “Oblivion” which shreds it’s way directly into your psyche before stopping on a dime and picking right back up again. Mercilessly you’re thrown into “Say Uncle” which kicks it’s way through your heart with it’s more heartfelt lyrical tone, bluesy delivery and tormented timbre. “Can You Help Me” instantaneously pumps up the energy and your serotonin before the album concludes with “I Am Nothing” and it’s humble mid-tempo stoner rock swagger.

The eight songs are concise and focused, providing a myriad of memorable vocal hooks as well as an endless supply of knuckle-draggin’ classics to party to. Perfectly served on it’s limited edition red vinyl, so you can truly kick off all of your suares in style. This is an incredible debut LP and one of my favorite albums of 2017, it’s power and intensity leaves me completely stoked to see what come next from this incredibly dynamic trio.


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